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While projection a house or office, we actually build it virtually. We take into account all stages of construction and production processes. It is impossible to build As the many years of experience in the construction of private houses shows, the construction of a house without an architectural project should be carried out according to a pre-approved project prepared by specialists

It is impossible to build an apartment by omitting design. This document will help you with accurate calculations and planning, which will help you avoid the possibility of encountering unexpected costs and poor installation of utilities in the future.

The architectural design of houses, office buildings or other public catering facilities is compiled taking into account certain standards, special requirements, as well as climatic and environmental regulations.

Project documentation prepared by experienced engineers from Sofr.az meets modern standards. It is of high quality and allows you to erect buildings with different architectures at an optimal price.

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Sofr.az –ın təcrübəli mühəndisləri tərəfindən hazırlanan layihelendirme sənədləri müasir standartlara cavab verir, yüksək keyfiyyəti ilə seçilir və optimal qiymətə fərqli arxitekturalı binalar tikməyə imkan verir.

Layihelendirme, ev layihesi.