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Landscaping is a topographic project, developed taking into account the characteristics of the land plot and the wishes of the client.

Landscaping works performed by professional and creative specialists of Sofr.az are distinguished by their quality and uniqueness.

Landscape design is at the intersection of construction, architecture and product manufacturing. An experienced landscape designer needs to have some knowledge of the rules of style and the rules of harmony of forms. Landscaping is a real art that professionals have been doing for centuries.

Sofr.az is a landscape design, interior and exterior design studio, a repair and construction studio that provides landscape design services for organizations and residents of Baku and other regions on land plots of any size. Our team will quickly, creatively and inexpensively turn your premises into a real example of landscape art.

The main advantage of our design studio is a scientific approach in the field of design and landscape solutions. We provide one-time landscape design services and complex maintenance of territories.

landsaft dizayn

Our goal is to create a harmonious, healthy personal space, taking into account the lifestyle of the owners - the improvement of the yard of the garden house, our yard. Landscape design services include: lawns for sports and picnics, shady green areas for recreation, flower beds and alpine slides, artificial reservoirs, a garden.

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